Welcome to Roaming With Roads!

Hi. We are travel buddies from Mumbai and have been travelling together for the last 4 years. Our dream is to roam the length and breadth of our country and explore its rich diversity. And while doing so we want to offer you our travel experiences.

Hence this blog! We have already taken the roads, roaming on them, hunting new places and experiencing life as travellers.

These road journeys have enriched our experiences in life with a deeper perspective and we wish to share these experiences with you.

We are currently focused on offbeat travel and experiencing Rural Maharashtra.

With our travel stories and travel guides, you will be exploring Maharashtra like never before. At times you will come with us on long road trips. And another day you will be trekking with us in the Sahyadris. You will enjoy cycling with us on the streets of Mumbai and explore its offbeat destinations. Or sometimes simply soak in the beauty and marvel at the rich history of Konkan.

This blog may help you as a travel guide but more importantly it will motivate you to pack your bags and roam the roads.

Though we prefer offbeat and slow travel exploring a place in depth, we do not restrict ourselves to any particular niche. We are open for whatever these roads have to offer.

So, Pack Your Bags & Get Ready To Roam The Roads With Us!!

– Clement & Steffe