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Is picnic on your mind? Do you want to give yourself a unique experience mix of fun, learning, entertainment and adventure?

On the outskirts of Mumbai and Pune, Monteria Village – an agro tourism venture offers the city travellers of all age groups a comprehensive experience of daily village life, culture, cuisine, art and heritage. Every path in the village, which is spread across 35 acres in Khalapur town of Raigad district, has the potential to bring out the inner child in you.

So whether you are trying your hands at pottery making, getting immersed in art experiences like bamboo and khaat weaving, playing forgotten traditional games like gillidanda, lagori etc., cuddling a calf in the gaushala or simply taking a dip in the lake and lazing on the palm groove hammocks, this short-weekend getaway is an opportunity to connect to your roots and embrace the village life on a farmland surrounded by nature.

Anyone looking to slow down and spend some quality time with their loved ones, Monteria offers an authentic village experience with a blend of modern amenities to attract the younger generation. The experiences on the property are run by skilled artisans and workers.

The village has day packages as well as overnight stay options. Whatever you decide, you are only going to bring back home happiness and memories.


As soon as you enter the village, you will be transported to a different world away from the chaos of the bustling city. A walk around the land will bring you closer to the authentic charm of village life. Immerse yourself in the many activities waiting for you to explore.

  • POTTERY MAKING – There is a certain kind of joy creating a piece of art out of mud. Get your hands dirty and unleash your creativity through clay and wheels. It is a very relaxing experience to see your clay getting transformed into a vase or a pot.

  • BAMBOO BASKET WEAVING – See how a cane of bamboo is transformed into beautiful baskets and various bamboo products like chairs, hats, jewellery, etc. You can give a try yourself weaving one. Bamboo weaving has a rich cultural significance and learning the art is a rewarding experience.

  • TRADITIONAL GAMES – Relive your childhood by playing the games which are forgotten in this digital age where online entertainment has become an addiction. Become a child for a day. Go for a fun-filled adventure on rope tree swing. Embrace the joy of swinging through the air. Spin a top and try to take it on your palm or play marbles. If you are in a group, get on the playground and play games like gillidanda, lagori, tug of war, etc. Take this experience home and re-introduce the traditional games to family and friends. It brings the family closer and the bond stronger.

  • RIVETING VILLAGE EXPERIENCES – The village has various artisans like carpenter, blacksmith, tailor, potter, weaver, cobbler, goldsmith, barber and masseuses who go about their work day. You can try your hand at any of the skills you would like to experience. Visit the Mahila Gruha Udyog and taste their delightful pickles, papad etc. Explore the simplicity of the village education at Aanganwadi (village school). Marvel at the spectacular rope walking and balancing show performed by skilled street acrobatics.

  • FOOD & DRINKS – The food at Monteria is home-cooked vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals. The ingredients are sourced directly from the farm to plate. You will surely relish this unlimited buffet meal with a vast array of dishes. There are local stalls too selling flavoursome pani puri, popcorns, chaats, ice golas, kokum sarbat, coconut water, goti soda and much more.


When on a walk around the village, do not miss out exploring the below attractions.

  • KUTCHI BHUNGA – Bhungas are traditional houses of Kutch region in Gujarat. The huts are circular walled with a thatched roof. These beautiful huts are built using mud and decorated with various things. Mud and mirror work adorn the interior walls while the exterior walls are colorfully painted. Built using locally available materials like clay, bamboo, timber etc. they keep the homes cool in summers and warm in winters.

  • SARPANCH HOUSE – Do visit the sarpanch (village head) house which stands out big from its rural surroundings. It has a courtyard and can accommodate a large joint family. The courtyard was the heart of the house by being a place where everyone gathered.

  • NAKSHATRA GARDEN & BOR LAKE – Just near the Nandraj Gaushala (cow shed), is a beautifully built garden on the concept of 12 Zodiac signs. Hence, the name Nakshatra Garden. Enjoy the fresh blossom and observe the sunbirds drinking the nectar from the flowers. Taking a dip in the Bor lake amidst the village or paddling the boat is one of the most rejuvenating experiences. For the adventurer in you, there are activities like Zipline, Zip Cycle and Rope Course above the lake.

  • BAMBOO OXY-PARK – Bamboo is a versatile plant that thrives in a wide temperature range living up to 100 years.  A grove of bamboo releases 35% more oxygen than an equivalent stand of trees. Spend some time in the grove and experience the breath of fresh air.

  • MONTERIA RAILWAY STATION – Take a walk inside the abandoned Gariyadhar Express train at Monteria railway station and enjoy the view of the farm. Look for the vintage clock on the platform.


Farm Tour & FloricultureReplica of Lakshman Jhula
VermicompostPost Office & Village Well
Nandraj GaushalaWaterfall & Cave Tunnel
Palm Grove HammocksPuppet & Magic Show
Cycling & Tractor RidesSwimming Pool
Tractor & Electric Vintage Car RideGiant Swing


For those looking to experience the village nightlife, Monteria provides various accommodation options maintaining a balance between simpleness of the village life and necessary amenities for a convenient stay.

After a day-long exploration of the village, in the evening you can choose to relax in the private pool and watch the sun set behind the Sahyadri hills. There are ample trees where they have set up hammocks and cots. You can laze on a cot under a starry sky. The ambiance and comfort in the garden area looks resplendent by the lucent lighting. Post dinner you can snug yourself near the campfire.

ONE DAY PACKAGE (09:00 am to 06:00 pm)

AdultRs 1600.00Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks & Tea + Village Experiences
Child (5 to 12 yrs)Rs. 1300.00Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks & Tea + Village Experiences


BY ROAD – Monertia Village is located in Kalote Mokashi just on Mumbai-Pune Highway near Khalapur. The best option is to self drive.

BY TRAIN – Catch Karjat local leaving CSMT station at 06:10 am. It will reach Karjat at 08:15 am. There are no shared autos directly to Monteria village.  Private auto will charge Rs. 350.00 to the village one way. Take the auto person’s number for the return journey.

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