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We are open to all kinds of travel. Sometimes we are backpacking to an unplanned place, going on a motorcycle road trip, trekking the sahyadris, visiting historical & cultural heritages, doing nature photography or bird watching in a national park or a wildlife sanctuary. But visiting a village in India is what makes us most happy. Village is the only place where we all feel safe, joyous and loved and this feeling is more than everything.

A simple village mud house

There is some story and beauty waiting to be discovered in every village. And we are always in search of a story. As it is rightly said, ‘The true India resides in its villages‘.

Scattered throughout India are villages where farmers follow time-tested as well as innovative methods of growing various crops in order to accomplish the challenging task of feeding themselves and the nation.

Villages have a different charm. There is a subtle magic found in the villages. The red mud, green fields, fragrance of flowers, vegetables growing in the field, river and trees are incomparable. Sitting in the lush green fields, while gazing at the wide blue sky, amidst the farm animals and the simple mud-thatched houses in the background, is happiness.

A house besides a river

Catlles staring at us in a North Indian village

A cluster of mud-plastered walls shaded by a few trees, set among a stretch of coloured fields, bullock carts creaking, birds singing, few people sitting under the shade of a huge tree – all these present an image of harmonious simplicity.

But in actuality, village life is far from simple. It has its own challenges. But, in this short article we only highlight the positive sides of life in a village.

Ploughing a field the traditional way

The agricultural lands, open fields and rustic lifestyle makes the villages more scenic and peaceful. People living in metropolitan areas often go on holidays to such scenic countryside locations where they can breathe fresh air due to its unpolluted environment. The village life is slower and not steadfast, unlike the city life, this is one of the main reasons for millennials now who when on holiday from work prefer this kind of lifestyle for a short period of time and take such breaks.

On the other hand, organic food has now gained much popularity and this also encourages others to adapt to the countryside way of living where one eats more nutritious food and lives a healthier lifestyle.

Unlike the cities, the villagers don’t live their lives secluded; they enjoy getting together, living like a close-knit family, and helping each other in adversities. This sense of community and belonging is greatly valued. Even with so many problems, life in a village is one to look forward to, as the Indian culture is very much intact and the celebrations are huge. When all as a community celebrate together, with folk music, dance, and songs, all festivals are celebrated with a lot of zeal. We as travellers really take pride in such rich culture and traditions.

A colorful village house

Most of the people from villages leave their homes and move to cities to either study or earn a living. But the fact is life in the village is actually enjoyable and more peaceful than in any other metropolitan city. Villages have a natural beauty to them, and they are simple, calm yet beautiful. The people living in the villages mostly go to the fields to earn their daily living, they are generally hardworking and their day starts very early than most other people living in the cities or town. They work hard in the field the whole day and just get some rest under a tree.

An elderly man resting under the shade of a tree

The one most relaxed thing about villages is that they are free from the heavy traffic of city life. Villages are found to be more peaceful, calm, quiet, and full of greenery, where one can always breathe fresh air and stay healthy without any pollution problems. Most of the handcraft labor people are from villages such as farmers, other works as potters, carpenters, blacksmiths, etc

Village life is quite simple and peaceful. Because there are fewer technical advancements and industries to contaminate the environment, pollution levels are low in villages. The air is fresh enough to breathe. There are numerous areas where one can play or walk. In villages, there is no rush or traffic of any kind.

The speed of life in cities is accelerating. People who live in cities lack both emotions and time for the people in their area. People who live in cities often travel to their town for relaxation when they become overwhelmed by city life’s stress and hectic pace.

Villagers lead a simple life, free from the complexities of urban lifestyle. They follow a routine of waking up early, working in fields, and retiring at sunset.

Through our travels, our aim is to engage in rural tourism and generate livelihood opportunities for the people of villages. By providing rural experience to the urban communities and involving them in part of their customs and traditions, we can help the locals revive their art and culture by promoting tourism. In this way, they can earn their livelihood in the village itself without migrating to cities looking for a job.

Help others roam

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